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Fri Dec 31 07:43:42 PST 2004

Hi Everyone,

A lot of exciting things have been happening at ORA over the past few
months, and we'd like to share with you a few of the highlights:

We were fortunate to recently help two women who had been agunot for many
years receive their gittin.  One of them lives in Brooklyn and the other
in Staten Island.  In both cases, after much negotiation, the husbands
continuously refused all compromise, and were placed in Cherem
(excommunication) for their recalcitrance.  The men finally decided to
give the gittin when we told them that we had no choice but to begin to
exert social pressure on them, like protests and contacting employers. 
This seemed to do the trick, and they shortly agreed to give the get!

To date, ORA has now been directly responsible for helping 19 women
receive their gittin, and has provided vital counsel and support to over
50 women in their pursuit of a Jewish divorce.

Also, two long time agunot, one from Canada and the other from Brooklyn,
also received their gittin this past month.  The husbands of both of these
women were in Cherem for many years and were also listed in the
Recalcitrant Husband column in the Jewish Press.  ORA was involved in both
cases for quite some time, and we are thankful to all those who
continuously showed their support for these women.

For more information about these recent developments, or to get involved
with ORA and help agunot, please contact info at Getora.com.



Tel:  646.796.4551
E-mail:  info at getora.com
URL:  http://www.getora.com

The Organization for the Resolution of Agunot is a 501(c)[3] non profit
organization that is committed to helping women who are agunot receive a
Jewish divorce.  An agunah is a woman whose husband refuses to give her a
Jewish divorce, often to abuse his wife or to obtain financial or
custodial concessions.

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